British Airways apologizes for tweet containing a racial epithet


We won’t publish the swearing and the language of the tweet in question on RoundNews but people were so shocked that they ended up making screenshots. Some even contacted the airline company in order to take down the tweet and begin investigating to see who’s responsible for the making this retweet.

British Airways posted the following public apology on their Twitter account: “Apologies for the last RT. We are sorry for any offence caused and are investigating how this may have happened.” We have seen other big companies post shocking things on their social accounts. Some of these companies have an excuse as their accounts were hacked and someone else did the posting on their behalf. There are also some cases in which personal tweets were posted by accident on corporate accounts. This is also what is believed to have happened to British Airways.

Until British Airways finds out the cause of this retweet one person is happy. The angry client that posted all that swearing addressed to British Airways says he is happy. Because of this “accidental retweet” he gained four followers and got his well-deserved revenge.



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