A British man has died in unclarified circumstances at Dalaman airport in Turkey


It was said that staff at Dalaman Airport, in southwest Turkey, were trying to remove the 30-year-old from the flight when he fell from an exit and  landed on the concrete below. After boarding a flight at around 3am, he is said to have become involved in an argument with cabin crew and the pilot then ordered him off the plane as a risk to flight safety. The nature of the argument was not clear.The man had spent three days at the airport waiting for a flight home after losing his ticket. Westlake had received his boarding pass and passport and was allowed on to the plane, another passenger said, but after about 20 minutes he was removed from the flight. The airline Jet2 said Westlake died after an incident in the airport.

Andrew Westlake

An investigation has been launched and another variant was sustained by some witnesses who said the victim ran and crashed into a glass barrier of a balcony. A spokesman for Durham police said: “We were informed by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the death of British citizen, Andrew Westlake, in Turkey. Our officers passed the devastating news to the family who we are supporting. Our thoughts are with Andrew’s family and friends.” Dalaman Airport is one of the busiest airports in Turkey, with some four million passengers travelling through each year.

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