Criminal attack, victims including officers, in Belgian city Liege


The officers were performing routine patrols in the center of Liege.  The attacker, knife-wielding man, identified as Benjamin Herman, had just taken leave from prison on Monday evening,  snatched the gun from one of the police officers and killed them both. After, the man attacked a vehicle and shot dead a young 22 old occupant in the car. He went into the Athenee de Waha high school where he took hostage a female cleaner. The security personnel intervened. The attacker  was shot dead.


Two others police officers were injured in the fire exchange. There were armed police everywhere on the Boulevard d’Avroy. Belgium’s minister of the interior was at the scene. Officials have not confirmed a motive for the deadly attack. A spokesman for the terrorism response center said: “It is one of the questions on the table but for the moment all scenarios are open.” The criminal was 36 old. He was previously  in prison for numerous crimes such as theft and drug trafficking. He is believed brainwashed with extremist ideology while serving his time in prison. Police anti-terror authorities have been gathered to work on the case, which is being led by the Federal Prosecutor.


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