Exit polls in Ireland at referendum on abortion laws annouce a change will occur


If exit polls will be confirmed, a radical change must occur. Exit polls result suggests huge majority of  younger people votes „Yes.” “It’s looking like we will make history tomorrow,” Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, who was in favour of change, said on Twitter. Vote counting begins early Saturday morning, with the first indication of results expected within a few hours. Voters were asked if they wish to scrap a 1983 amendment to the constitution that gives an unborn child and its mother equal rights to life. The consequent prohibition on abortion was partly lifted in 2013 for cases in which the mother’s life is in danger.


The RTE poll suggested now the highest “Yes” vote to allow abortion was in Dublin, where 80 per cent were in favour. “Yes” campaigners argued that abortion is already a reality in Ireland because thousands women travel to Britain each year for terminations. Some “Yes” politicians were already calling on the government to pass the legislation without delay following the publication of the exit polls. Ireland does not allow expatriates to vote via mail or in embassies, so voters were arriving home at Irish airports on Friday from abroad. An example was noticed as relevant: Ciara Cremin, a Galway woman, has interrupted a four-month trekking holiday in southeast Asia to cast her Yes vote in the abortion referendum. She paid €1,000 travel cost traveling 13,000 km and people helped her to raise the money by crowd-funding.


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