Tons of chocolate were spilled on a Polish highway, Wednesday, after a lorry accident


The incident happened around 60 kilometers east of the western city of Poznan, close to the town of Slupca in the west of Poland where the lorry overturned after hitting a crash barrier. Police and other emergency services sealed off the scene as they attempted to clean away the chocolatey mess. They even had to contact the manufacturer of the chocolate to try and find a solution for clearing it off the road. Rescue officials said the liquid chocolate was solidifying as it cooled and would require large amounts of hot water to clear away.

Cleaning chocolate on the highway

But it was not an easy task because “the cooling chocolate is worse than snow.” In some areas, the chocolate was so thick that heavy machinery was brought at work. The motorway was blocked off in both directions while emergency services tried to remove the kilometer slab with warm water several hours. The driver was taken to a hospital with a broken arm. Nobody else was hurt. It wasn’t known why the truck turned over. The private broadcaster TVN24 showed images from the scene. Fortunately for us, to clean the chocolate stains on the clothes if a minor eating chocolate accident happens is easier, using some gel or spray, a liquid detergent and –if needed- a washing machine. After all, chocolate is an important delicious part of life, is it not?


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