At least 40 people were injured in a minor train collision in Salzburg


The locomotive that was moving the Venice train crashed into the standing Zurich carriages for reasons that are still unknown. At least 40 people have been left injured. There are no reports of any fatalities. Most of the passengers were still sleeping, and the injuries were apparently caused by falling objects. A large number of rescue workers have been deployed at the scene, including volunteers from Red Cross. Injured people from both trains were brought to hospitals. The engine driver also needed medical assistance.


Austrian Federal Railways spokesman Robert Mosser said it is still unclear how the accident happened. Investigations are underway. The Austrian police have already arrived on the scene and sealed off the area. Residual rail disruptions are possible. Travelers are advised to confirm the status of their trains prior to departure for the train station. Salzburg Central Station is a major transportation hub in western Austria. It also forms a junction between several ÖBB local and long-distance transport routes. Also located at the station is one of the key hubs in the StadtBus Salzburg trolleybus system and city bus network.

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