Disaster in parts of Italy after torrential rain


Nine people died and thousands were evacuated from their homes after torrential rain battered Italy’s northern Emilia-Romagna region, generating floods and landslides. Some had to be rescued from roofs by helicopter. In 36 hours, half average annual rainfall was received. Minister Musumeci said between 200mm to 500mm of rain fell in some parts. Large areas was water submerged. 14 rivers have broken their banks, flooding 23 towns. Sunday’s Formula One Grand Prix in Imola was called off. The coastal city of Ravenna was badly affected.


Flooding had hit 37 towns and communities.Some bridges collapsed. Almost all rail services were suspended. In Castel Bolognese, the mayor said the situation was “catastrophic”. Muddy waters flowed through the historic centres of Faenza, Cesena and Forli, washing over the roofs of parked cars. “Ravenna is unrecognisable after the damage it has suffered,” Mayor Michele de Pascale declared. Further rain is expected in the region over the coming days. Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni chaired a crisis meeting with civil protection officials.