Gunman is holding hostages in a supermarket in France


At the time, a group of CRS police officers were jogging in the town of Carcassone when a car started following them and then opened fire on the group, at least five times. One officer was wounded in the shoulder. Witnesses said the gunman yelled “Allahu akbar!” and swore allegiance to the Islamic State. After, the car proceeded to nearby Trebes and a suspect shot and killed the supermarket’s butcher taking a number of shoppers hostages. Another person is said seriously wounded.


The French Interior Ministry said on its Twitter account Friday that police and rescue operations are the priority. People are instructed to avoid the area around the supermarket. Police surrounded the building. Not long after most if not all of the civilians who had been trapped inside the store were out safely. The gunman was inside. Several helicopters were flying overhead. French President Emmanuel Macron has aked Interior Minister Gerard Collomb to go to the site of a . Counterterrorism investigators are taking over the probe into the ongoing incident Friday.

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