Woman jumps to her death from her fourth floor apartment before getting evicted


This was not the first suicide linked to evictions in Spain. As the economic crisis grows the country’s economy sinks even further.

The woman that jumped from her balcony was living in Bilbao, a Spanish northern city. She was married and had a 21 year old daughter. The woman didn’t make much because she worked at a bus depot. Not being able to make the mortgage payment the woman faced eviction.

The government sent their deepest regrets for the woman’s death. Such events are likely to happen again if the current mortgage legislation is not changed. Because Spain has a tough mortgage legislation home owners face greater risks. If due to a low income or unemployment someone fails to make the agreed mortgage payments he/she will be repossessed after first being evicted. But the nightmare doesn’t finish here. People caught in this trap will also have to pay a great deal of money as the repossession only counts for some of the money they owe.


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