Ancient treasure discovered in Bulgaria

During excavation works at an ancient Thracian tomb located in northern Bulgaria near the village of Sveshtari archaeologists found golden treasures. The treasure dates to the end of fourth century BC and includes things like sneak-head bracelets, a tiara with animal motifs, female figure depictions and gold buttons.


This Thracian tomb is one of the biggest ancient tombs of the Getae people. Greeks gave the name of Getae to several Thracian tribes that inhabited the regions near the Lower Danube. The Getae people were originally polytheistic and worshiped the nature. They developed a cult for the sun and worshiped a god named Zalmoxis.


The artifacts unearthed from this ancient Getic burial complex date from the apogee of the rule of the Getae people. According to renowned Thracian culture researcher Diana Gergova the findings are currently linked to Cothelas, the first known Getic ruler. Until now archaeologists discovered many other artifacts in various Thracian tombs located in Bulgaria. These ancient findings have provided all the information we have to this date about their culture as Thracian did not have a written language.