Deadly avalanche in the French Alps, on Sunday


An avalanche occurred Sunday in the French Alps at the Armancette glacier near Mont Blanc, in the Haute-Savoie region. The avalanche was in the middle of the day and very extensive, covering an area of one km by 500 meters (half a mile by 550 yards) at an altitude of 3,500 meters. At least four people have died. Several others were injured. The people involved were hiking near the Glacier d’Armancette as part of one or several groups.There were signs before the incident. A video posted on social media by the ski resort of Contamines-Montjoie presented a wall of snow moving down from the Dômes de Miage. However, no avalanche warning had been issued for the region by weather authority Meteo France.


After the avalanche occurred Sunday two helicopters were sent now to help in the search. A major rescue operation is underway. The death toll will possibly rise. President Emmanuel Macron wrote on TwitterThere were deadly accidents in the area a few years ago. Since 2018 there have been three avalanches that have caused the death of at least four people.