Train accident in The Netherlands


A double-decker train which was traveling from the city of Leiden to The Hague, in the southern Netherlands, derailed early Tuesday in the village of Voorschoten, killing one person and injuring 30 others. The train collided with a crane that was supposed to be on one of two tracks taken out of service for maintenance. Two of the bright yellow and blue train carriages came to rest perpendicular to the tracks and partially in a field. The front of the train was badly damaged. More than 20 ambulances were called at the scene. The serious injured were taken to hospitals. a freight train also collided with the crane.


The Dutch public prosecutor opened an investigation. “This is an incredibly tragic accident,” said the mayor of Voorschoten, Nadine Stemerdink. Dutch rail operator Nederlandse Spoorwegen said there would be no trains running between Leiden Central and The Hague Central for the rest of the day. Leiden Central station, which lies between The Hague and Amsterdam, has been closed. The accident was the worst on Dutch railways for years and King Willem-Alexander later visited the scene. “Our thoughts are with the victims of the train accident at Voorschoten and their families,” a statement from the Royal House reads. The rail systems are generally very safe in The Netherlands.