Pro-Russian military blogger Tatarsky killed Sunday in St.Petersburg


Prominent pro-Russian military blogger Maxim Fomin, known by the pseudonym , an active supporter of Vladimir Putin and Russian invasion of Ukraine, was killed in an explosion in St. Petersburg , Russia’s second-largest city, on Sunday. A woman gifted him a figurine of a miner when Tatarsky was participating in an event at a cafe. “What a beautiful guy,” Tatarsky said, while examining the statue,The object, believed to contain TNT, exploded a few minutes later killing him instantly and injuring 15 others.


“We will defeat everyone, we will kill everyone, we will rob everyone as necessary. Just as we like it,” Tatarsky declared once exposing his ideas. He called Ukrainians “brain-damaged Russians.” On Sunday, Tatarsky was addressing an ultranationalist trolling group referred to as Cyberfront Z. Tatarsky also was a vociferous critic of the Russian military leadership’s management of the war. He had more than 500,000 followers on media. The incident in St. Petersburg is considered „a terrorist attack.” Russian media reported that 26-year-old St. Petersburg resident Darya Trepova, who had previously been arrested for participation in antiwar rallies in February 2022, was detained as a suspect in the attack. The Ukrainian government denied responsibility.