“The rapist of the Sambre” was arrested in France this week


DNA evidence then matched him to that found on several rape victims. After, he confessed attacks on women going back decades, estimating the number of victims to about 40. The man is believed to be one of the most prolific serial rapists France has seen in decades.He was named in French media reports as Dino Scala.


He always used the same method: “The women were attacked from behind, very early in the morning.” He always masked his face. A police source revealed that one victim was just 13, while others included several 17-year-olds. “He was not someone who had attracted anyone’s attention,” said Michel Detrait, the mayor of Pont-sur-Sambre. “He was well liked, ready to help … We’re completely shocked,” he added. Dino Scala was  long regarded as a pillar of his community. He had not criminal records. He was a declared catholic.


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