Big explosion destroyed a shop in Leicester, U.K.


Carlisle Street and part of Hinckley Road have been closed and people asked to avoid the area. Electricity has been cut off for a number of properties. “The building had gone down and people were trying to help where they could by taking the bricks off. But the fire was getting bigger and bigger so people were told to leave the scene,” a witness said.

Rescuers in Leicester

Pictures and videos posted on Twitter showed flames leaping into the sky. Six fire engines were sent to the scene. Doctors remain at the scene, while a hazardous material response team was also deployed. “The cause of the explosion will be the subject of a joint investigation by the police and Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service,” officials said. It’s believed possibly it was a gas explosion. The shop was recently became a Polish supermarket. Police said a number of other buildings were damaged and homes and businesses in the area had been evacuated.

Update: Four people were reported dead.


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