The reconstruction work at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is going well


The revival of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, 12th century monument, is ongoing after the dramatic blaze destroyed it in 2019. The army Gen. Jean-Louis Georgelin is in charge of the project. The supervision of the restoration is entrusted to the architect Philippe Villeneuve. “We have a lot of different works to achieve: the framework, the painting, the stones, the vault, the organ, the stained glass and so on,” he declared. The reconstruction plan is how it was centuries ago, using stone vaults. Even the roof framework will be made from oak like it initially was. A Te Deum hymn ceremony will take place on April 15, 2024, exactly five years after the fire.


It’s believed that the Cathedral will reopen to visitors and faithful at the end of 2024 even if not all the work will be finished. At the opening, a virtual reality show will allow paying visitors to dive into the history of the cathedral.The 315-foot spire added in the 19th century by architect Eugene Viollet-le-Duc will be recreated this year. An exhibition called “Notre-Dame de Paris: at the heart of the construction site” is to open to visitors on Tuesday accessible for free in an underground facility in front of the cathedral.