The UK has a plan to become a scientific and technological superpower


On Monday, March 6, the Prime Minister and Technology Secretary in the UK have launched the government’s plan to cement the UK’s place as a science and technology superpower by 2030 investing in innovation and new technologies like AI, quantum technologies, engineering biology or nuclear fusion. To achieve this, high-paid jobs will be created in the future to manage better put the UK at the forefront of global science and technology. A list of goals in ten points was presented. It’s about how to identify strategic advantage in the technologies, to attract talent and boosting investment in research and development for economic growth and better productivity. Financing start-ups and selected developing companies are also included. Not at least, international partnerships are envisaged preserving interests of the UK in a new future leveraging post-Brexit freedoms. Finally, the plan concluded that creating a pro-innovation culture in the country is a must do.


With an initial raft of projects, worth around £500 million in new and existing funding, the consistent initiative hopes ensure the UK has the skills and infrastructure to take a global lead in game-changing technologies. „The more we innovate, the more we can grow our economy, create the high-paid jobs of the future, protect our security, and improve lives across the country,” Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said. The government will be making further announcements in this matter soon.