Man from Russia kills five co-workers after he and his girlfriend broke up


Dimitri then shot two times towards Anna. Mrs. Kaznikova fortunately survived but is currently in a critical condition.

After police arrested him Dimitri Vinogradov declared that he was angry at his co-workers as he considered them guilty of advising his ex-girlfriend to break up with him. Before Vinogradov went to work he made his killing intentions public on the internet. The next day he brought to work weapons, ammunition and a military vest. He changed in the toilet in his military vest and armed both his weapons before he began killing people. After the attack three men and two women died. All three men were 33 years old and both women were 25 years old.

The killer explained that his ex-girlfriend broke up with him back in January and ever since he tried getting back together with her but with no success. Vinogradov wanted to see how powerful he was by killing his work colleagues. He was drinking the last couple of days to make himself courage to do this unspeakable act. At the end he planned to kill himself but he never got to take his own life.


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