Young man sentenced in Spain after imitating Christ in a photo


Serrano was asked many times to remove it from the social network but after not answering hey decided to take him to court. The public prosecutor’s office described the picture as an “embarrassing manipulation of Christ’s face.” Serrano said he pleaded guilty to avoid paying the initial fine of €2,160. He sustained all the time that he “never intended to offend anyone.”

The Christ image which Serrano imitated

The Spanish association Jueces para la Democracia (Judges for Democracy) believes that Serrano could have brought the case to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg for violation of freedom of speech if he refused to accept the . Some people reacted after this story went publicly online. Many think the judge did a wrong work prosecuting Serrano because “even an image of Christ is not an image of Christ” and “there were no cameras when Christ lived.”


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