Billionaire paid nothing from £453 million to his ex-wife after divorce


The couple had met in 1989 when Ms Akhmedova was 17 and the marriage had broken down in 2013 and ended in 2014. It was concluded that both, he and his wife, made ‘equal contributions’ during marriage. London is viewed as the world’s ‘divorce capital’ because there is something different view in the justice if comparing with other foreign counterparts. ‘English law views marriage as a partnership and starts from the principle that the wealth built up during the marriage should be shared equally,’ said John Oxley, who works for law firm Vardags, on Thursday.

Akhmedov has a big yacht in property

But the billionaire ex-husband, a close friend of Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich, has “yet to hand over a penny” to his wife after divorce was pronounced during the summer of 2017. Mr Akhmedov and Ms Akhmedova were named on public listings of the case and the three appeal judges have imposed. The appeal court hearing is expected to end this week.


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