A train derailment in Italy killed four and seriously injured many others


At least three of the dead were women. Majority of the passengers on board were daily commuters, traveling to Italy’s economic capital. Witnesses said the train trembled for a few minutes before the accident. Firefighters worked to free passengers from the debris. A team of 90 firefighters were at work at the scene.The Trenord train was heading to Milan’s Porta Garibaldi station from Cremona, traveling at normal speed.


The cause of the derailment was not immediately clear. Milan’s public prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation into the incident. They first had “identified a breakdown between carriages. As a result of the incident, rail and car traffic in the area were experiencing delays on Thursday morning. This is the most serious rail accident in Italy since 23 people were killed in a high-speed head-on collision between two passenger trains in July 2016 in the southern Puglia region. The former head of Italian railways was convicted over that disaster, being responsible for poor infrastructure and risk-avoidance systems.


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