A “right to make mistakes” law article was voted in France


Citizens will be forgiven just one error and only if made in good faith. French firms will also have the right to ask the authorities to check their accounts and fiscal declarations to ensure that they are conforming with the law. Those who are not could be given a warning rather than punishment. Authorities will have to prove that the person was acting deliberately, if they want.

People in Paris

The public action and accounts minister Gerald Darmanin said the government had listened to French people who “like their public services but not their administration”. announced during last year reforms for a more “trustworthy society”. During the same session, more aspects regarding this law were clarified. Officials say it will not apply to those in public health services, the environment, security or those suspected of including repeat offenders. Media related worldwide without other comments about this French lawmakers initiative susceptible to inspire other nations in the future.


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