Incident with several knife wounded in a Russian school in Perm


Several injured children are aged 10-12. Most have knife cuts to the head and neck. Reports suggest some of the children fled to a nearby shopping centre during the attack. Anna Kuznetsova, ’s ombudsman for children, said: “Fourth year pupils were protecting their teacher who was trying to stop older guys fighting with knives. Some wounded pupils are at the hospital.

Blood at the scene of attack

The female teacher is in the gravest condition. She was badly wounded and is said to be fighting for her life in hospital. The teacher was identified as Natalya Shagunina, 47. The two knifemen are also among the injured after both suffered serious wounds. One of them had been expelled from the school over drug use and mental health problems. The school was evacuated and children said they had seen a trail of blood on the floor. Russian police cordoned off the school. Worried parents gathered at the school gates. The Investigative Committee has opened an investigation. The incident is being treated as attempted murder.


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