Robbery at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Paris, three suspects arrested


People in the Hemingway bar at the Ritz were hidden in the kitchen area. The robbery was interrupted by an officer on patrol. Police arrived. Three of the armed robbers were arrested at the hotel at around 6.30pm local time. “The attackers used axes to smash open reinforced glass cases containing jewellery while filling bags.

Entrance at the Ritz hotel in Paris after robbery

As they tried to get away, police officers arrived and three of the robbers were pulled to the ground and then arrested,” a source said. However, two others got out the back door of the hotel and were seen running away, and then getting on mopeds. No one was injured in the robbery. It is not clear whether some jewellery were recupered. The luxurious five-star Ritz is located in Place Vendôme, in Paris’ historical first district on the right bank of the river Seine. The ministry of justice lies next door. The hotel includes a gallery shopping area near its rear entrance, which it says hosts five shops and 95 “showcases”, selling jewellery, watches and luxury clothing.


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