A man was killed in Stockholm after picking an object from the ground


The blast took place on Sunday at about 1100 local time [1000 GMT] just outside the Varby Gard subway station in Huddinge, a residential district in Stockholm.  Police considers the incident not terror related, but the object was probably a hand grenade, possibly an old one. Many of the illegal hand grenades found in Sweden are being imported from former Yugoslav nation. The blast occurred at Varby gard station in Huddinge.

Police working

Police cordoned the station and surrounding area. They were scanning and sweeping outside and inside the subway station to make sure no additional explosive devices were there. A murder investigation has been launched. “There is obviously something that has exploded strongly … but we will have to wait for the technical investigation,” a police spokesperson said. The incident appears to be a “mystery” blast.  Nothing explained yet the presence of the explosive device. A report in 2017 showed that Sweden has come to rival crime-ridden Mexico for grenade attacks since the onset of the migrant crisis.


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