Giant orange carp captured by a British angler who was fishing in France


Andy Hackett, 43, a British businessman angler, captured a 30kg orange carp (in fact a hybrid of a leather carp and a koi) while fishing in France at the Bluewater Lakes in the Champagne region. He has been fishing for several years in France. The captured fish was known in the area, spotted previously and nicknamed ‘the Carrot’. Hackett spent over 25 minutes reeling the fish in. “It was a lovely fish, very orange, and healthy as well. We checked the fish over before we put it back,” Andy Hackett declared and added: It is about being in the right place at the right time mostly, which I was this time.”


The fish is expected to live for another 15 years, being now around 20 years old. The fishery has a waiting list of at least five years. Andy has been fishing since he was five, with his grandfather. Previously, he captured a 36kg (83lb) common carp in Italy last year. Mr Hackett co-owns a communications firm.