Two people were killed Tuesday in Poland by Russian missiles


Ukraine being under mass missile attack, Russian missiles flew over NATO territory in Poland and killed two people Tuesday afternoon in the village of Przewodów, near the border with Ukraine. After incident, top Polish leaders were holding an emergency meeting over the “crisis situation.” The Pentagon told media that it was taking the reports “seriously and looking into them. President Biden has repeatedly said the U.S. will be steadfast in its support for Poland or any NATO member nation in the face of Russia’s aggression. “We have a sacred obligation under Article 5 to defend each and every inch of NATO territory with the full force of our collective power,” he affirmed. Experts believe the strikes Tuesday were an accident waiting to happen.


The Russiam missile barrage on Tuesday also cutted electricity to much of Moldova. Russia fired at least 85 missiles. The attack was “the most massive” bombardment of power facilities in the nearly 9-month-old Russian invasion, striking both power generation and transmission systems in Ukraine. President Zelensky claimed that 70 missiles were shot down. Speaking from Kyiv Tuesday, the U.N. human rights office’s monitoring mission in Ukraine, Matilda Bogner decried a “dire humanitarian situation.” Russia’s defence ministry denied reports that Russian missiles had hit Polish territory, describing them as “a deliberate provocation aimed at escalating the situation.”

UPDATE:The President of Poland declared that the deadly incident was produced by a missile launched by Ukraine against Russian attack.