Putin’s speech at the Valdai Club


“There is no point in that, neither political, nor military,” Vladimir Putin said about using a nuclear weapon in Ukraine, in a major four hours speech and question-and-answer session on Thursday at an annual foreign policy conference at the Valdai Club, a discussion forum and research institute close to the Kremlin in Moscow. He motivated the conflict as unavoidable after years of building tension. At the same time, the Russian leader said the world order the West imposed since the Soviet Union’s collapse is “coming to an end.” He described the current decade as among the most “dangerous” and “unpredictable” since World War II. He expressed the hope that humanity will find solutions „that may not be ideal but working and could make the world more stable and secure.”


In fact, right now or soon in the future,an energy crisis sparked by the Russian invasion is likely to cause global demand for fossil fuels to peak or flatten out, which is very dangerous for the entire Earth due to the climate change developing process. Putin claimed it was the West that was escalating nuclear tensions surrounding Ukraine. He insisted that Russia did not fundamentally see itself as an “enemy of the West.” In Ukraine, officials ridiculed Putin’s speech.