Brazilian model Pamela Nascimento dies after a liposuction operation


The Brazilian actress and model Pamela Baris do Nascimento died at 27 after she undergone what should have been a simple liposuction operation. The woman died in the Green Hill hospital on the operating table because of an internal hemorrhage. Few details regarding the woman's death are known as the hospital failed to report the death as it happened.

Pamela Nascimento's death was recorded at the hospital only 10 days after it happened.


For Nascimento this was not the first plastic surgery operation. She already had two such operations did in the past. Although she was beautiful she was always obsessed by the way she looked. Nascimento always said she was fat but this wasn't true. After she died the family was urged to bury her body as soon as possible.

Police are currently investing the cause of death after some sources claimed that the actress' liver might have been punctured during the operation. Nascimento's relatives believe the cause of death is medical malpractice. If proven guilty the surgeon that did the operation, Julio Cesar Yoshimura, will face man-slaughter charges.