A boy in Berlin had to be rescued after accidentally was trapped in a safe


A nine-year-old boy playing hide and seek at his grandfather’s home in Berlin was blocked for hours inside an unused safe where he hid. He was playing with his little brother at the home in Lichterfelde. The door to the unused safe closed on the boy.  His grandfather was the only person who knew the entry code, and he was away.

Oxygen was pumped through a plastic tube

When they understood what happened, the family called for help from the fire brigade. It took three hours of testing family birth dates in the hope of uncovering the secret entry code, while oxygen was pumped into the safe through a tiny crack as a precaution. Finally they entered the correct six-digit code but was just before a specialist team was about to start breaking the safe open. Firefighters say the child remained calm throughout the ordeal, however it was shocked. We understand this, he left alone in dark in a limited space for long time. It was at a great risk of asphixy. The average adult inhales and exhales something like 7 or 8 liters (about one-fourth of a cubic foot) of air per minute. For a kid probably just a half of this quantity is needed. It was little quantity of air in the safe. And it was very dangerous !


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