USB-C to be the single charger standard in Europe for all electronic devices


The EU Parliament on Tuesday passed with a vote 602 in favor, 13 against a new law requiring USB-C to be the single charger standard for all new smartphones, tablets and cameras from late 2024. It now heads to the European Council for final approval. People buying a device will have the choice of getting one with or without a USB-C charger if they have one.Makers of laptops will have extra time, from early 2026. It is expected to save at least 200 million euros ($195 million) per year and cut more than a thousand tons of EU electronic waste every year. Apple is forced to drop its outdated Lightning port on its iPhones to sell in Europe.


“After more than a decade; the single charger for multiple electronic devices will finally become a reality for Europe and hopefully we can also inspire the rest of the world,” Maltese MEP Alex Agius Saliba, the European Parliament’s pointman on the issue, said. USB-C ports can charge at up to 100 Watts, transfer data up to 40 gigabits per second, and can be used with external displays. Apple resisted until now but the new European decision will largely mean the end of proprietary charging standards in the continent. A 2021 study found that iPhones with Lightning connectors accounted for 18% of new mobile phone sales in 2019, with 44% using USB-C and 38% using an older USB connector known as Micro-B.