A huge explosion occurred Tuesday at a natural gas plant in Austria


There were clouds of smog. Some rescue helicopters, ten fire engines and four ambulances were at the scene. Witnesses said it felt “like an earthquake.” “The ground vibrated for ten minutes, all the inhabitants ran out of their houses,” one of them said reporters. The situation is now under control, according to the fire service. The cause of the explosion has not yet been confirmed. Firefighters said it happened in a gas pipeline that runs in the ground. Police have blocked off the area after evacuation.

Clouds of smog at the scene of explosion

“We now have to find out which parts of the plant are affected,” a spokesman for OMW said. The station is Austria’s largest import and takeover point for natural gas, and is also thought to be the main distribution hub for natural gas imports from many countries including Russia and Norway. Operator Gas Connect Austria said the incident should have no effect on gas deliveries to Austria but those to Italy might be reduced. Gas prices are expected to increase in the immediate aftermath of the explosion.


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