Trains collision occurred in Germany, close to Dusseldorf


Fortunately, none are said to be life-threatening, according to the local fire department. There were 155 people on the train at the time. Many passengers were left trapped. Force of the crash knocked down the cables which power the trains on the railway. Dozens of emergency vehicles arrived on the scene. Emergency crews were on the scene helping to unload people from the passenger train.

Trains collision in

A hanging cable was impeding the rescue efforts, posing a risk of electric shock to persons outside the train. Images posted by the Meerbusch fire department showed the passenger train partially derailed but still upright. Its locomotive was nearly entirely flattened against the rear of the freight wagon. The cause of the collision was not yet clear. It’s not known why the two trains were on the same line at the same time. Meerbusch fire department said that its staff were “in contact with the people on the train” and that full access to the passengers “should be possible”. A German government spokesman said Chancellor Angela Merkel had been briefed on the situation.


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