Discussions about Brexit scheduled to be continued Monday in Brussels


The EU wants a pledge that Britain will pay what it owes the bloc when leaving, protect the rights of EU citizens living in Britain and ensure there is no hard border between the north and south of Ireland. Future negotiations on the Britain’s future trade relations with the EU will begin only after progress on these separation issues will be made. However, EU officials and diplomats cautioned that it was still unclear that a deal would be struck with the British prime minister. Since the referendum in 2016, high-profile opponents of Brexit have suggested Britain could change its mind and avoid what they say will be a disaster for its economy.


It is known that half of Britons want a second vote on whether to leave the EU. Otherwise, March 2019 will be the exit date. Most pro-Brexit supporters in the UK want the end to free movement of people from the EU into Britain and for the European Court of Justice to have no further role in British legal matters after March 2019. “If the UK offer is unacceptable for Ireland, it will also be unacceptable for the EU,” the president of the European Council told Friday to reporters in Dublin.


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