The little Prince George wants a special toy this year on his Cristmas

It’s a common thing as kids send letters to Santa Klaus in the hope he will accept to transform their dreams in reality. Little girls and boys ask many things, sometime easy to have, sometime not. We had – and probable you will have too – the curiosity to know what a prince kid wants as a gift for his Christmas day and our choice was the Prince George of England.

The answer was however so-o-o simple: when the Duke of Cambridge visited Esplanade Park Christmas market in Finland, in Helsinki, on Thursday, November 30, with his son, the four-year-old Prince George requested a toy police car.


"He hasn't written down many requests, so I think one request is probably OK," his father told to the man dressed in Santa. He also added: "But he's been a nice boy, a nice boy." Santa, who is traditionally from Finland, nodded his head in agreement as the two smiled at each other. The visit came on the second day of Prince William's tour of Finland, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary of independence. So we think kids have the same dreams in every family they were born. At the same time, the citizen Santa of the world wants all kids to be happy. It will do the best from his part to give a nice police car toy to Prince George this year. Kids are influenced by the facts in their life, we expect from Prince George to have after years the spirit of justice in his behavior.