Australian tourists punished for not respecting rules in Venice


Venice officials are not joking about the rules adopted to preserve the iconic natural patrimonium, an UNESCO World Heritage objectif. Surfing, paddle boarding and canoeing are all banned on the Grand Canal, which is often lined with gondolas, tourists boats and water taxis. But a few days ago two Australian tourists ignored rules. speeding down the city’s famous Grand Canal on £20,000 electric hydrofoils. The Italian city’s mayor Luigi Brugnaro called for the pair to be punished and even offered a free dinner to anyone who identified them. He called them „two overbearing imbeciles.” Tourists have angered locals. They participated to the hunting.


The Australians were identified. The two boards have been confiscated. The pair were fined 3,000 Euros each for endangering the safety of navigation along the canal and were also expelled from the city. They face additional charges for damaging the image of the city. Others incidents in the last year produced legal charges to several people. Venice has plenty of tourist rules in place, with fines for those who flout regulations including feeding pigeons and sitting in the wrong place. From January next year, the city will be introducing a new tourist tax for day-trippers, with prices between three to ten Euros (£2.60 to £8.60).