Five killed in a stupid car accident in Leeds, U.K.


Police announced after accident: “Police dealing with a serious road traffic collision, Stonegate Road, Meanwood, Leeds. Road currently closed in both directions between Stainbeck Lane and Stainbeck Avenue. Please avoid until further notice.” A police spokesman said that while only one vehicle had been involved, it was not yet clear whether the victims and suspects had all been in the car. It was a violent impact

Traces off collision visible on the tree

The car has been removed from the scene and a large scar can be seen on the tree. People living in the streets around the scene of the collision said they heard a loud bang followed by sirens. Police is investigating and asked anyone who saw what happened or has information about it to call. Two 15-year-old boys are in police custody but police have not released any details as to why they are being held. Although they were arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving, it is not clear who was driving the Clio at the time it crashed. “I’m devastated. They were very well-loved. We just can’t describe how much these little boys have left a big void in our family,” A relative of two victims said.


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