President Vladimir Putin restored the “Mother Heroine” award in Russia


Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on Monday that revived the Soviet-era “Mother Heroine” award for women with 10 children or more. The title is to be included on Russia’s list of highest-ranking state orders. A payment of 1 million rubles ($16,500) will be given to Russian mothers once their 10th child turns one, if all have survived unless they died during military, official or civic service, or in a terrorist attack. The children must have been given the “appropriate level of care for health, education, physical, spiritual and moral development.


Recipients will also receive a medal of a five-pointed star, an equivalent rank to those with the titles “Hero of the Russian Federation,” usually awarded for bravery. ”Russia confronts a population decline that has accelerated since its invasion of Ukraine. The “Mother Heroine” title was first established in 1944.It was given to more than 400,000 women before being scrapped after the fall of the USSR in 1991. Russia’s population has been in decline for decades.This year, it fell by a record 86,000 people a month from January to May.