First nude restaurant opened in Paris


A dinner at the restaurant, which seats 40, offers diners a meal that costs around €30 (£26), after they are asked to leave all their clothes in a wardrobe before entering. Duck foie gras and escargot are included in menu. A strange fact ?  No, not exactly. 2.6 million people in France are already making nudism a regular habit. The city already has one public pool where people can swim in the buff up to three times a week, and the country has as well as around 460 nudist areas including camping sites and beaches. The life trends are different today.


The waiters and kitchen staff, meanwhile, will reportedly keep their clothes on for hygienic reasons at the new restaurant. For privacy, a heavy curtain will obscure the restaurant’s large street-level windows entirely and a second set of curtains will prevent people from sneaking a peek into the dining room should someone opens the restaurant’s front door in view of Parisian passersby. The debut of O’naturel follows the opening of similar nudist-friendly restaurants in London and Tokyo, as well as a clothing-optional pop-up restaurant in Melbourne, Australia.


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