World’s largest aicraft Airlander 10 crashed between tests in a new variant


As the project was presented, it can stay airborne for up to five days at a time. Cargo carrying and survey roles in both the military and commercial sectors all with a significantly lower carbon footprint than other forms of air transport are intended. Airlander 10 is powered by four diesel engine-driven ducted propellers. The Airlander 10 is 302ft (92m) long, which is about 60ft (18m) longer than the biggest airliners. It can take off vertically and land on almost any surface, including ice, desert and water. It’s perfect for sightseeing because we can have floor to ceiling clear panels, and we can open the windows because we are not flying as high or as fast as traditional planes, but we will not be offering a service to get from A to B as quickly as possible,” Chris Daniels, Head of Partnerships at HAV, said describing it. However, the accident occurred.

Airlander-10 aircraft deflated

It was seen breaking in two in Bedfordshire. It was not flying and was not due to fly, Hybrid Air Vehicles said. No one was on board, but a female member of staff suffered minor injuries and was taken to hospital. “We are testing a brand new type of aircraft and incidents of this nature can occur during this phase of development,” the company added.In August 2016 the aircraft crash-landed after climbing to an excessive height because its mooring line became caught on power cables.


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