Four people injured in Berlin after a wild boar attack


The boar’s rampage did not stop here. Its third victim was a 24 year old woman. The woman tried to climb a parked car in order to escape the wrath of the boar but just before she got to safety the wild boar managed to bit the woman. The two women and the 74 year old man were treated by medics after being sent to a nearby hospital.

A police officer that arrived at the scene of the attack was immediately attacked by the wild boar. The police officer had his leg cut by the boar’s bite. He managed to pull out his gun and kill the animal the very next moment. Multiple shots were fired at the wild animal that caused this entire ordeal.

A wild boar roaming the streets of Berlin is not a shock to anyone. Apparently Berlin has a wild boar problem. As a result authorities even decided to issue urban hunting licenses so that people can hunt the beasts.


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