Pamplona bull-running nine-day festival celebration began in Spain


An American and five Spaniards including a girl were injured and transported at a hospital at the world’s Pamplona bull-running festival nine-day celebration which returned this year after after two-year Covid ban. None of the six was gored by a bull but had various trauma injuries as several runners were stomped, trampled or shoved to the cobblestone pavement when a pile-up of runners occurred at the entrance. Huge crowds were to the streets of the Spanish city Pamplona.The tradition is dating back centuries and made world famous by Ernest Hemingway’s novel “The Sun Also Rises.”To participate in the bull run people must be 18 or older.In the first day this year, six bulls guided by six tame oxen charged through Pamplona’s streets for around two minutes and 35 seconds. Thursday’s early morning bull run was the first of eight scheduled. The bulls that run each morning are killed in the afternoon by professional bullfighters. Animal rights activists have campaigned against. During festival some people choise to see the bulls from balconies. Level 1 or 2 above ground balconies are on sale for $249 per person and Level 3 or 4 above ground sell for $149 per person. The City Center Hotel offers accomodation as low as $275 per night for two and allows free access to a free balcony to watch the bull run. More than one million visitors arrive for 9 days of non-stop crazy fun.


Tourists enjoy the vacation of a lifetime. Resources to travel to Pamplona are however extremely limited. Taking videos or photos during the run without prior official permission is prohibited.