Burglar accidentally records crime as he tried to use his iPhone as a flashlight


The thief was surprised to see this as evidence in court and realized he accidentally recorded the whole thing while he was robbing a house.


Jerome did not want to draw attention when he and some of his friends robbed houses. When Jerome used his iPhone as a flashlight he accidentally pressed some other buttons as well. Either because he was scared of not being caught and his finger slipped or because of excitement his hand was shaking and he accidentally recorded the entire theft. Either way this lead to an incriminating evidence being recorded on his phone.

The video clips were recorded in a house in Marsh (Huddersfield, West Yorkshire). The burglars stole things worth more than 10000 pounds from this house while the owners were on holiday.

Police used the recordings from his confiscated iPhone in court as evidence and managed to sentence Emmanuel Jerome to 44 weeks in jail. iPhone smart phones are very easy to use. Jerome’s example just goes to show that sometimes our mobile phones are a little too easy to use.



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