An unique undersea building including a restaurant and a research center for marine life to be built in Norway


So, what about an undersea restaurant which focus on seafood exposing the sea life through big special windows ? This will be an unique building allowing underwater adventure. Half-sunken into the sea, the building’s monolithic form breaks the water surface. At 5.5 meters under sea surface in Norwegian coastal ecosystem not only lucky hungry people will admire the panorama but researchers too, because a research centre for marine life will be included and will work outside opening hours. There will be three levels, the entrance, a champagne bar and the restaurant.

“Under” – perspective inside, outside
(Collage based on images credited to Snøhetta and MIR)

According the project, it can accommodate up to 100 guests. Under has been designed with sensitive consideration for its geographic context and aquatic neighbors. The “Under” is scheduled to open the first quarter of 2019. The project is signed by Snøhetta, an international architecture, landscape architecture, interior design and brand design office based in Oslo, Norway and New York City, which received the World Architecture Award for the Bibliotheca Alexandrina and the Oslo Opera House, and the Aga Khan Award for Architecture for the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. Norwegian National Opera and Ballet in Oslo are also their work.


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