Former Italian prime minister was sentenced to jail for tax fraud


The court’s decision comes only two days after Berlusconi’s declaration that he doesn’t want to run in next’s year leader elections for the PDL party. The verdict can be contested two more times and only then the sentence will become final. This is why the process will be lengthy. Silvio Berlusconi will not be sent to jail unless he loses both appeals. The tax evasion charges brought to the ex-prime minister are related with the broadcasting rights purchase made by his television company: Mediaset.

Berlusconi was Italy’s prime minister four times and is currently one of Italy’s richest men. If this trial is definitive he and his co-defendants will also have to pay 10 million Euros in damages to tax authorities. But problems do not stop here. Berlusconi is still on trial in a separate prostitution case. The case is dubbed “Rubygate” and focuses around the accusation that Berlusconi supposedly paid a teenaged nightclub dancer for sex even though she was under  18.


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