Hurricane Ophelia will hit Britain, possibly at the end of the week


The latest models by the NOAA NHC show Ophelia hitting Northern Ireland, Scotland and England’s northeastern coast between October 16 and 17. All is suggesting the next week will be different in this area. “Later on Monday there is a suggestion that a low-pressure system derived from Ophelia will arrive off the southwest coast of Ireland; that is likely to bring wet and windy conditions to Britain,” meteorologists say.

Hurricane Ophelia – estimated development

Forecasters believe it could be one of the worst to hit Britain in a decade, with gale force winds expected to lash Britain’s west coast. Winds of over 100mph are expected to batter the UK. The Met Office also said that as Ophelia heads towards the UK, it will bring warm tropical air and “fairly warm temperatures” to the south. Ophelia is currently a category 1 hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 85mph with some higher gusts but this can change. Interesting, another hurricane named Ophelia battered Ireland six years ago, with winds of 75mph, as well as 4 inches of rain and several inches of snow.


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