Fire produced big destruction at a shopping center in Moscow


Several cars parked at the lot exploded after being caught by the fire. Sindika contains about 1,200 smaller stores and its parking lot has about 5,200 parking spaces. Three thousand people were evacuated from the shopping center in Moscow. The blaze caused traffic jams on the nearby section of Moscow’s ring road. Russian Minister of Emergency Situations, Vladimir Puchkov, said that Moscow drivers were informed “using all modern technologies” about traffic troubles caused by the fire.

Fire at Sindika shopping center in Moscow

The fire reportedly started in the basement of the Sindika mall. and soon ripped through the entire shopping center. Almost the entire roof of the building caved in. Officials said that only three people have been injured with all three of them showing symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning., but local hospitals reported more injured, according sources. Experts believe that the level of fumes remained within acceptable levels. A very similar blaze occurred in Russia’s capital in July. As many as 14 people have been hurt in fire at the RIO shopping mall in Moscow’s northern suburb. At that time more than 2,000 people were evacuated from the building. It’s a known fact, the big structures at increased risk  worldwide.


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