A royal initiative in England to help improve the nation’s mental health


Speaking at the Data Observatory at Imperial College London, the Duke discussed how the information could now be used to help more people with mental health issues, moving beyond encouraging them to talk into practical solutions. Speaking of the future work of the Royal Foundation, which will include the £2m investment, the Duke said: “I suppose it’s finding a metaphorical barrier to get people towards. I can imagine if you’re not in some of these categories you can spend your life missing opportunities to be helped. We’ve got to somehow catch people in their daily life to bring them into the fold and give them the help they need.”


Lorraine Heggessey, CEO of The Royal Foundation, said: “We wanted to change the conversation on mental health and to push further with an optimistic and inclusive campaign. We’re so proud of what’s been achieved through the work of charities, Heads Together supporters and runners, and those who felt able to open up and tell their stories.” The young royals have already fronted a campaign to “smash the stigma” of mental health. The Heads Together campaign counted 59,000 pieces of media coverage, with 50 million views of the Ok To Say videos.


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