A train collided with a bus in Russia, many people were killed


34 people jumped out of the bus to push it. They survived. Those who stayed in the bus died. The front section of the bus was totally destroyed. Russia’s Investigative Committee said in a statement: “According to preliminary information, 16 people, including a child, have been killed.” Other passengers were hospitalized. The casualty count could change.

Scene of collision

The Uzbek foreign ministry said 56 people on the bus were Uzbek citizens and two others, the drivers, were from Kazakhstan. The train driver slammed on the emergency brakes and sounded the warning alarm when he was 400m away, but the accident occurred, Russian Railways said. One of the drivers was among the dead. Nobody aboard the train was killed. It was traveling from St. Petersburg to Nizhny Novgorod. Many people from Uzbekistan and other former Soviet republics in Central Asia come to Russia to look for work.. Road accidents are common in Russia. Cops are working to establish the cause of the crash. Authorities said the bus drove through a red light to get onto the tracks.


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