Terrorist attack with knife made victims at Marseille train station Sunday, in France


A police source said the stabbings were ‘frenzied and took place in front of lots of witnesses. “There was screaming and shouting, and people were running everywhere. People were picking up children, and trying to help those who weren’t very good on their feet. They just wanted to get away,”said one witness. The attacker was estimated to be aged between 25-30 years and no had no identification papers on him.


Police cordoned off the area and told people to stay away. The attack at Marseille’s busiest train station took place early this afternoon. “After the attack carried out next to Marseille Saint-Charles, I am immediately going to the site of the attack,” French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb said on Twitter. Emergency vehicles arrived at the site. No further details were immediately available. The prosecutor’s office in Paris said in a statement the probe would focus on ‘killings linked to a terrorist organization’ and the ‘attempted killing of a public official’, two terror-related charges. It is thought to be the latest in a long series of Islamic State atrocities across France and the rest of Europe.


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